TALK X TODAY : Season3 EP.1 - TXT (투모로우바이투게더)

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Nunki Elnath
Nunki Elnath 8 일 전
i need subtitle 😭😭😭
dledestine thing
dledestine thing 9 일 전
J A 14 일 전
Arriba el Sol
Arriba el Sol 15 일 전
Por qué no sé coreano?!!
Bookaholic 15 일 전
moas having no idea what they are saying 😭
It’s been a month there is still mo English sub
Allaine cassandra Nilo
Allaine cassandra Nilo 20 일 전
hyunxvs 20 일 전
We need eng sub ;(((
sunghoon 22 일 전
tangina wala pa deng subtitles huhuuu
Gabriella Gaby
Gabriella Gaby 22 일 전
And Chisco
And Chisco 24 일 전
Prentendamos entender porque todavia no hay subtitulos
slytherin blood
slytherin blood 26 일 전
the ending was super adorable 💜💜 yeonjun 😭😭😭💜💜💜
slytherin blood
slytherin blood 26 일 전
babies 💜💜💜
سديم تركي
سديم تركي 26 일 전
سديم تركي
سديم تركي 26 일 전
يجعلني الشرب يارب احبهم كلهم ٦
Uzaki_Sekai JK
Uzaki_Sekai JK 27 일 전
Guys for those who haven't know (still seeing it) Download Vlive and you can watch it on TXT vlive, it has English sub and 1080HD I'm a PC based so I just log into Vlive whenever I watch my TXT show
Dope Paraphies
Dope Paraphies 27 일 전
I'm not watching this without eng sub its been one month!!!!
Uzaki_Sekai JK
Uzaki_Sekai JK 27 일 전
Download Vlive and you can watch it on TXT vlive, it has English sub and 1080HD
`haɴako` 28 일 전
22:04 😂❤
Angel Jane
Angel Jane 29 일 전
beomgyu in white cap is @*#/,#%$@
Flanbpbp Bpbpbp
Flanbpbp Bpbpbp 개월 전
Yeonjun se agarra la espalda parese qué le duele, recuerdan esa vez que no asistio a uno de sus premios con txt, bueno por ese motivo no pudo asistir por dolores fuertes en la espalda, me preocupa 😣😢 qué le este doliendo otra vez, si hace V live le preguntamos:'3
Ellen Citra
Ellen Citra 개월 전
Eng Sub please 😭
Uzaki_Sekai JK
Uzaki_Sekai JK 27 일 전
Download Vlive and you can watch it on TXT vlive, it has English sub and 1080HD
Yas Lyde
Yas Lyde 개월 전
I learned six korean words with this video . Thank you big hit for no english subs!!!
Why Reading Youtube Comments Take a Lot of Time
Why Reading Youtube Comments Take a Lot of Time 개월 전
1 month had passed and still no subtitles like whyyyyyyyyy that's what wr live for
Uzaki_Sekai JK
Uzaki_Sekai JK 27 일 전
Download Vlive and you can watch it on TXT vlive, it has English sub and 1080HD
jisung pwark
jisung pwark 개월 전
Uzaki_Sekai JK
Uzaki_Sekai JK 27 일 전
Download Vlive and you can watch it on TXT vlive, it has English sub and 1080HD
jisung pwark
jisung pwark 개월 전
asahoy chow chow
asahoy chow chow 개월 전
Seriously BIG HIT arent you called as the next Big Entertaiment in Korea cause you wanna make hallyu wave in west!!!!! But for some reason you even cant afford eng sub!!!!!!!!!! Im so MAD!
Jessa rose BTS
Jessa rose BTS 개월 전
English sub for international Fans
Jessa rose BTS
Jessa rose BTS 개월 전
Englishhhhh sub jeballllll!!!
Uzaki_Sekai JK
Uzaki_Sekai JK 27 일 전
Download Vlive and you can watch it on TXT vlive, it has English sub and 1080HD
Jonny Setzler
Jonny Setzler 개월 전
The part where Hueningkai just casually picks Soobin up lives in my mind rent free. Hueningkai must be freaking strong, to be able to pick Soobin up like that and just bounce him around? Insane
Ana Beatriz Carvalho
Ana Beatriz Carvalho 개월 전
love you TXT 😍😍😍😍😍
Jisa Joyce
Jisa Joyce 개월 전
I'm late to watch this episode ㅠ ㅠ i'm trying to understand what they're saying i need subs.
Uzaki_Sekai JK
Uzaki_Sekai JK 27 일 전
Download Vlive and you can watch it on TXT vlive, it has English sub and 1080HD
tAehYunGs fAvoRiTe StoRe
tAehYunGs fAvoRiTe StoRe 개월 전
Mind putting engsub bighit?
Uzaki_Sekai JK
Uzaki_Sekai JK 27 일 전
Download Vlive and you can watch it on TXT vlive, it has English sub and 1080HD
Dndsnnsnd Snsnnsnsjs
Dndsnnsnd Snsnnsnsjs 개월 전
Hi it’s me again
park_ jaywon
park_ jaywon 개월 전
Omg yeonjun listening to Zion T. Music
c0cA_CoLa_sTaNeAd0rA 개월 전
Que?, no te preocupes obviamente no necesito subtítulos pq no se coreano ;>...
غلا حود
غلا حود 개월 전
I love tomorrow X together 💜💙🥺
Pooja rana
Pooja rana 개월 전
Why they always forget to add eng sub 🙄
jineration 개월 전
I want to scold them like I'm their mom because they eat with their mouths open.
agatha gathinha
agatha gathinha 개월 전
Nadya Khairunnisa XII MIPA 2
Nadya Khairunnisa XII MIPA 2 개월 전
MOA internasional : please make subtitle English just that make me happy
Mics M
Mics M 개월 전
Eng subs are available on vlive, why is it not heeereeee
bby girl
bby girl 개월 전
We need eng sub BiGhit plz
Kang Ellie
Kang Ellie 개월 전
Well I understand nothing big hit we need subtitles
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung 개월 전
Eu tentando achar brasileiras 🤡
진심을다해 개월 전
초반에 핑크색 깜빡거리는거 저만 그러나요ㅜ
ruru lee
ruru lee 12 일 전
저도 그래요
yi riri
yi riri 개월 전
Still no sub
Asr Homme
Asr Homme 개월 전
idk y m i even watching when i dont understand wat they sayin T-T
Eline Wongso
Eline Wongso 개월 전
BigHit we need subtitles
Princess Sharlen Araza
Princess Sharlen Araza 개월 전
its been a month but still theres no engsubs 😭😭 please, bighit!!!!
Taetae the Gucciboy
Taetae the Gucciboy 개월 전
*Captions: unavailable* International fans: *sweats*
Gianna Jun
Gianna Jun 개월 전
I should change my foreign minor subject from German to korean. The autogenerated subtitles 😂 Never the less it's completely worth watching Yeonjuniee without subs too. Loyal moawajunni💞😍💪💪
수콩달콩 개월 전
아 왤케 귀여워.............살스가 읎다...
1 month ago and still no eng sub sad😢
Maria Jose
Maria Jose 개월 전
Lamis bbl
Lamis bbl 개월 전
موااااا ا لوب يو
golchaness 개월 전
I'm whipped for yeonjun
ARM OA 개월 전
Me: okay, today is the day to watch Talk x Today season 3. also me: (no english subtitle😑) maybe next time when bighit already put english subtitle
Pleasa Don’tdothis
Pleasa Don’tdothis 개월 전
Watching the whole vid without sub 💞
Paola Ricaurte
Paola Ricaurte 개월 전
so when is big hit giving us eng subs
Veronica Williamsworth
Veronica Williamsworth 개월 전
Always be happy in these testing times it's difficult to smile but there's a saying that goes like tough times don't define you they refine you. Always stay healthy God bless you. Eat well don't push yourself too much you're just perfect the way you are. Your smile motivates me to do better. I'm charged up and ready to start new phase of my life.... thankyou so much Yeonjun.
Yna 개월 전
in their vlive talk x today has English subs 😉
Ambrose J
Ambrose J 개월 전
i thought bh started subbing all their artists content?? did they forget this
carolina 개월 전
still no eng subs??? 😭😭
Araceli Ramos Rodriguez
Araceli Ramos Rodriguez 개월 전
Can someone put eng subs please!!
K moa : enjoying International moa : 👀
nazhira shaffa
nazhira shaffa 개월 전
I need the translation, please bighit🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
BTS_army_TXT_moa_ENHYPEN_engene 개월 전
Ill be back for subs.. I hope someone updates me
if u cant spell versatility just spell clc
if u cant spell versatility just spell clc 개월 전
girl ive been waiting for subs and they still havent delivered.. GORLLLLLL
fabia 개월 전
angel yobi
angel yobi 개월 전
i watched season 1 and 2 but wasnt expecting season 3 not to have subs....
윤자매·ᴗ· 개월 전
Soobin Suga
Soobin Suga 개월 전
Yeonjun se abusa de Soobin. Jsjsjs
Soobin Suga
Soobin Suga 개월 전
Estos niños jsjssj
harith viesca
harith viesca 개월 전
i really want to watch it but i can't understand TT
harith viesca
harith viesca 개월 전
no subtitles TT
sad biscuit
sad biscuit 개월 전
i really need English subtitle:")
Sara 개월 전
i really missed even tho this is the most spoiled fandom ever
Jasmin Lee
Jasmin Lee 개월 전
Woah huening kai is so strong 😱
Jasmin Lee
Jasmin Lee 개월 전
Kak saya nggak ngerti sumpah😂🇲🇨
Jasmin Lee
Jasmin Lee 개월 전
Hmmm nggak ada subtitel nya aku nggak ngerti loh 😂😂😂😂
nil 개월 전
hi. I did english subs in the comments section of episode 2, and someone asked me to do the rest, so here are some translations. Sorry for any spelling/grammar errors. I haven't revised my writing. The comment was too long, so I continue where I left off in the replies. Scene 1 - 0:18 YJ: Hi, MOA~ Right now, I'm heading to the company for work today. Right. With our Beomgyu-ssi. Do you have you seat belt on? BG: No doubt about it. Of course I'm wearing my seat belt. YJ: Oh, good job. BG: The other members departed already. We left afterwards, so I bet the others have already arrived and are waiting for food. Today we will eat food, then attend a choreography lesson. Also, these days, I am composing music with my guitar. After all, the song "Maze in the Mirror" self-made by our members was released. I want to show off how this song was made. YJ: That's it. Scene 2 - 1:10 YJ: My face looks like this... BG: Isn't it coming out well? YJ: Is that so? BG: I think you look quite good. I, on the other hand... YJ: But my face looks pretty serious. BG: My face is seriously bloated! Now- YJ: *giggling* my yawn was filmed... BG: This is a legit vlog. YJ: Yep. It's realistic- BG: Why is it called a 'vlog'? YJ: Huh? BG: Why is it called 'vlog'?? YJ: Okay, so you turned the camera on and- wait a minute, I'm not in the frame. Please film me properly. Ok. You're going to do ✌️ in front of the camera, right? BG: Right. YJ: That's why it's called a v-log. BG: ...yes. Scene 3 - 1:49 BG: Now, we only have 2 weeks left before our comeback. Honestly- YJ: We have 2 weeks left?? BG: Uh, two weeks? 2 days! Right, we have 2 days remaining. YJ: Right, 2 days. BG: We have 2 days, but we still have choreography practice and various other things planned in the meantime. YJ: We have a lot of things to do. BG: We've been doing the choreography practice for a long time, and we've practiced singing live for nearly 2 months now. I think we have gotten to the point of being able to show off what we have prepared. YJ: That's right. (x2) BG: I think MOA might find our new look kinda strange. Since it's different from the kinds of images we've pulled off in the past. I hope you'll like this new side of us, too. We put in a lot of efforts, so yeah. BG: We should work hard today. YJ: You're right. We should... work hard today. BG+YJ: Bye~ Scene 4 - 2:57 SB: Yes~ The two youngest ones and I will begin eating our food first. HK: Since the other members departed late. I hope they don't blame us (for eating first). TH: Let's save some for them. HK: Let's save some. Can you hand me a knife? I want to open this with it. *referring to his bag with soup that needs to be poured* TH: Wait, watching you is making me nervous... HK: Don't be. Believe in me~ TH: Do it on top of this. *pointing to the to go container of noodles* HK: Ok. Your expression looks so displeased! TH: You can just do this one. *hands Hyuka the noodles that Taehyun already prepared* HK: Yes~ So, the food we ordered is: sundae(korean blood sausages), fries, sweet and sour chicken, soba (japanese noodles), jjolmyeon(spicy, chewy noodles), fried rice, tteokbokki (rice cake soup), cheese balls- wow, so many- gimbab(seaweed wrapped rice, meat, and vegetables)- there are two kinds of kimbab. *struggling to open a container* SB: What's wrong? Are you sad that there's no fish-rice? HK: What? Are you really going to make a joke about me and fish-roe-rice again? SB: Hueningkai justs loves fish-roe-rice that much~ TH: True. I feel grateful when we get to have a fish-roe-rice. SB: Should I share a story about this? On the way home, Taehyun, Huening, and I were in the car together, and I was going to have fish-roe rice, but he was holding on to it tightly in his arms and didn't let me have any. I suppose he planned to eat it on his own~ HK: Very funny~ SB: He would glare at me if I took a large portion of the fish-roe-rice. HK: It's funny that you made up a story like that, Soobin-ssi :) TH: At first, he'll hold onto the container normally, but as soon as he finds out it's fish-roe-rice, he grabs it tightly! HK: Wow. You are so good at making up stories, hm? Scene 5 - 4:48 SB: The tteokbokki(rice cake soup) is really spicy! Did you try it? It's spicy... TH: It's fine to me. HK: Soobin-Hyung often overreacts. SB: *chuckles and pats Huening's head* TH: Oh, Kai. There's fish roe over here. SB: He wanted fish eggs when eating fish-roe-rice, and now he tried to get eggs. HK: What? *playing dumb* SB: I cut a piece, and he stole it. TH: He's an egg-killer. SB: He's not taking it anymore cause I pointed it out. HK: What do you want me to do about it, then? Scene 6 - 5:18 TH: I remember the time we had cleaning duty. SB: Yeah. TH: You two did it! HK: On the last day, I was picked for cleaning, so I kept working hard at cleaning the place up. On that last day, after going back home, I never got picked for cleaning again... YJ+BG: *walk in* Hello~ HK: You almost made it in time. BG: Wow, you all started eating before we even arrived. HK: We waited for nearly 2 hours! SB: Do you know how long we waited for you guys? BG: Oh, is that so? HK: 2 hours is a bit of an exaggeration, but... BG: You exaggerated. Scene 7 - 5:44 HK: Eat well~ YJ: Yes~ BG: Tteokbokki(rice cake soup) is more tasty, though. SB: Right? I was going to say that, but I found it too spicy, so I'm not having any. Try it for yourself. YJ: It's spicy? HK: It's spicy. SB: Super spicy! BG: It's good, though. YJ: It's not even spicy. BG: Really? YJ: It must be a bit spicy to you. BG: Then, it must be spicy for Taehyun, as well. [note: Taehyun is known to have a similar spice tolerance to Soobin.] TH: It's alright for me. BG: Well, I guess the tteokbokki(rice cake soup) would have tasted spicy if it was still hot. SB: Thanks to you two for arriving late, we were able to eat this tteokbokki(rice cake soup) while it's cold so we could handle it~ Thank you :) YJ: Of course~ I'm relieved to hear that you're enjoying it :) SB: After waiting for so long, I was even getting tired~ Thankful, thankful :) BG: I see~ TH: My heart was very warm while waiting for the members, but the food got cold. Scene 8 - 6:24 YJ: Are you eating right now? Seems that Taehyun is done- TH: I'm facing a dilemma... SB: Did you eat all your food? TH: I'm just thinking... SB: Oh. Huening, why aren't you eating? *pointing to the fish-roe-rice* HK: *listens to Soobin and takes some more to eat* SB: It's your favorite, fish-roe-rice~ HK: It's yummy! Hueningie ate good~ Hueningie's gonna bwush his teef and go! SB: You're going to 'bwush' your 'teef'? YJ: He means he's gonna brush his teeth. Scene 9 - 6:57 TH: *lays down* SB: You look comfortable. Woah, Taehyun fits perfectly within that sofa! Doesn't he? YJ: It's right for him. SB: He just stretched his body and landed in the perfect position to lay down in. I can't do that; I'd have to curl up. BG: It's made for Taehyun. SB: He's all comfy. YJ: you seem to be bragging about your height a bit... SB: Who, me? YJ: Yeah. SB: I don't really think my height is something to brag about. BG: Well, being tall is a good thing. SB: You're right. Scene 10 - 7:28 BG: We ate all of our food. YJ: I need 2 or 3 more bites first. BG: Ok then. YJ: *piling food on his spoon* Sundae(Korean blood sausage)... BG: Fish cake? YJ: *next item on his spoon* Tteok(rice cake), and then a fish cake over the top. *eats it* BG: You'll drop it on your white shirt~ You're really eating well. That's amazing. [note: Beomgyu has a smaller appetite.] YJ: All done. Thanks for the meal!
nil 개월 전
one last thing: I'm aware that there are captions on v-live. It's just that someone requested for me to comment translations on KOpost, so I thought I might as well. hope this helps someone.
nil 개월 전
Scene 19 - 17:13 - in the practice room TH+BG: *struggling to adjust their sound system settings* YJ: *approaches them* What's the problem? BG: It's working, but... YJ: I think it's working fine. HK: Isn't there something wrong with the audio jack? TH: It was working until yesterday. YJ: Soobin, do you know how to use that? *referring to the sound system* SB: Sure I do. Why? Scene 20 - 17:48 TXT: *warming up* SB: *spanks Hyuka* HK: *attempts to attack Soobin* SB: He's trying to get revenge! These days, Hueningkai is no longer a pushover. He's trying to get back at me. *continues to spank him* HK: *escapes Taehyun's hold and lifts Soobin up while Yeonjun helps him get his revenge* TH: Hueningkai is so good at that! Hueningkai is the strongest, after all. Scene 21 - 18:44 YJ: He's so bad at arm wrestling. HK: Probably cause your muscle strengths are different. SB: You want to give it a try? YJ: I think Hueningkai will... okay. Ready, set- HK: *using force prematurely* SB: Relax! YJ: Don't start yet. Ready, set, go! HK: Look at how he's pushing his head against me! Give up already! There's no point in holding on~ SB: *loses* Wow! YJ: Soobin is kinda weak. SB: He's super strong! He seriously got stronger. HK: TRY ME! BG: Taehyun, you do it. YJ: Hueningkai, get over here. If you defeat me, I'll acknowledge your skills. HK: I can beat Hyung, easily~ YJ: Ready, set, and go. *winning* HK: *cheats using his other arm and wins* Hah! Come at me!!! YJ: Excuse me... SB: Try going against Taehyun. HK: Since I'm left handed, let's use our right hands :) TH: Sure. BG: Ready, set, go. TH: *annihilates Hyuka withing 1 second* SB: If you loose that easily, what does that say about me... Scene 22 - 19:54 HK: If I do it with Soobin-Hyung again, I'll lose. I'm only good for one round, and then I keep on losing. TH: True. SB: I win when the two youngest come in. TH: Do it with your left hands this time. If you lose again, you'll seriously have no integrity left. BG: Ready- HK: *attempting to cheat* SB: Stay still! BG: Ready, go! HK: Ah! Hyung-nim! (formal honorific) *loses* YJ: That doesn't really make you look good, Soobin. SB: Easy, easy~ TH: That's not cool, Soobin. (impolite language) BG+HK: That's not cool, Soobin. (impolite language) Scene 23 - 20:26 TXT: *warming up + messing around* TH: Since we've all warmed up, let's get started. Scene 24 - 21:32 YJ: *showing off his outfit in the mirror* HK: I should stretch. YJ: What is that. A melon and a blueberry? [note: Hueningkai is wearing a green sweater and light blue jeans.] HK: Yes. YJ: Very cute~ HK: Of course~ YJ: You look just like it! *referring to the smiley face on Hueninkai's sweater]. Cute~ YJ: *filming Soobin* Oh! You look cute like this. You're cute. Stay like that. [note: Soobin is very close to the lens]. *gasp* You are cute. Cute!!! SB: Cute? YJ: Yes! Soobinie is cute! SB: Hyung, you're way cuter~ HK: *does cute poses for the camera* YJ: *pretends to ignore Hyuka before coming back* You are cute, too~ BG: Do your "I can tou-ch" thing. [note: "I can touch" is a lyric from TXT's song, Nap of a Star.] HK: I can TXT: *loling* YJ: He makes it sound like he's actually touching something! THE END
nil 개월 전
Scene 11 - 8:02 YJ: Now that I'm finished eating, I'm heading to my studio. I'm not going there to create anything. I'm just going to rest and hang out there for some time... *reading the neon light sign on the wall* Passion! YJ: At our company we have this vending machine here. Well, not actually a vending machine. It's a fridge for our beverages. So, I'm going to drink that... corn *hand gesture meaning silk* tea. [note: he is using body language because he can't say the brand name out loud.] Alright, I'll get going now. YJ: 🎶Yeonjunie's studio🎶 Ta da! This is my studio. Scene 12 - 8:50 YJ: I'm going to play a song and then rest... Ah, recently I've fallen for this song! It's a song titled "No. 5" by PENOMECO. On his channel, he performs the song with an acoustic feel to it. *jamming to the music* I actually do listen to music like this on my own. *singing along for a bit* Nice. While I listen to music, It's kind of- what can I call it?- like a time for meditation? I just really enjoy it. Scene 13 - 9:53 YJ: *plays What 2 Do by DEAN* I sang this song during my evaluations. I seriously listened to this song so much while I was a trainee. Scene 14 - 10:36 YJ: This is where I first recorded Fairy of Shampoo. I wrote the lyrics, sang it here, and then sent the recording in. Then, I received confirmation. Do I have that song here? Wait a moment... Here it is. Saved as FaiSham- FaiSham1. I recorded it all like this. *films his recording and editing software* This is the way I recorded it at first. Do you want to hear it? I have a long version and a short version. The one we used in the final track on the album is the short version. By short and long, I mean the length of my rap verse. This first short version lasted around 16 beats, and the one we used in the track is 8 beats long, so I was told to make two different versions in recording. The first one I did was the long version, since that way I would have the long version ready and I could take a section of that and turn it into a shorter cut of the verse. I wrote both, and they(producers) believed the short version sounded a lot better. I'll show you the long version guide. *plays guide* At the time, I didn't have a a pop filter, and the sound quality was pretty bad. I recorded several songs like that. Right now, I'm creating- crea- write- writing a couple of songs. The producer told me they're not bad, so I need to work on them a bit. I am working hard on developing those songs. Scene 15 - 12:40 YJ: Oh! It's 7:00AM already. I gotta go. Shall we go to dance practice, now? Let's do it. YJ: *exits his studio into the hallway* Beomgyu is walking in front of me~ Scene 16 - 13:16 YJ: So I've changed, and now I'm going to go inside and practice for our live performance. Then, shall we go? *enters practice room* I've come here to practice singing and doing choreography live. The members are all ready to practice. TH: You're just filming everything? YJ: Pretty much. We should be filming the little moments in between our schedule. Okay, it's now time to practice our live performance. I am wearing an in-ear pack(using an in-ear pack as a prop to practice for live performances). *members warming up their voices in the background* The members are singing in harmony right now. We're almost ready to begin. The members and I will be dancing now. Bye~ Scene 17 - 14:30 YJ: I checked out our recent comeback v-live. This time, I was MC! *notices Soobin laying down on the couch* What? SB: *gets up* Hello... YJ: Why hello, there. Please say hi to the camera. SB: I'm appearing on Yeonjun's vlog... YJ: Did it go well? The meeting- or I don't know if I should call it a meeting. Anyways, did we do well? SB: Today's schedule... YJ: Did you do good? SB: ...ended well. YJ: Ah, you did a good job. Huening-ssi, what are you doing? HK: *looks up with sleepy eyes* Huh? YJ: Are you caught off guard? HK: Who, me... *lays down* YJ: Watch him pretending to sleep! Are you sleepy? HK: Yesh... YJ: Okay, sleep tight. HK: Sweep tight... YJ: It's time for me to do fitting(try on outfits to have them tailored correctly). Come on guys~ SB: Goodbye~ YJ: Say bye-bye, please. SB: Bye~ YJ: Hueningkai, say bye-bye! HK: Bai-yo! (cute way of saying bye) YJ: Shall we go? Scene 18 - 15:36 YJ: Just now, I finished up the clothing fitting, and now I'm going to go home. *pulls his mask up* Since I'm going out, I'll wear this. *spots his ride* Vroom Vroom~ I'm going to the dorms now. I've done a lot today, and everything seems to have gone well. I have work scheduled for tomorrow as well, so I have to sleep early tonight. Our comeback is approaching very soon, so I have to be looking after my health. We only have 2 days left! It's 11:19PM, so technically there will only be one day left after 40 minutes! For real... We haven't got much longer to wait for our comeback. Since our comeback is right in front of us, I was able to complete every task in my work day with minimal stress. I hope the day after tomorrow comes soon. We've just arrived, so I'm heading to the dorm now. So, MOA... Bye!
Fira Lee
Fira Lee 개월 전
휴닝카이 귀여워 ㅋㅋㅋ
Jeonamae Ventura
Jeonamae Ventura 개월 전
When can we get eng sub Bighit?
둘리와또치 개월 전
자아도츀ㅋㅋㅋ 그치만 귀여운게 또 우리 연준이지 않습니까
Jester Entertainment inc.
Jester Entertainment inc. 개월 전
Still waiting 4 subs
Ilm Shahym
Ilm Shahym 개월 전
Can ypu download videos on vlive??...!!!
leon Yeontannieee
leon Yeontannieee 개월 전
3:12 the table so low for this giants
mxndch 개월 전
i really want to watch it.. but i cant even know what they said :') fck ma life 😀👍🏻
Choi Yeonjunie
Choi Yeonjunie 개월 전
Petitions to make bighit immediately gives us Subtitles in every language
ivnxxria 개월 전
it’s been 3 weeks bighit.
cv ___
cv ___ 개월 전
do you think they would add eng sub T_T
Tatiana Avila
Tatiana Avila 개월 전
Si alguien sabe quien subtitular los talk X today me diceee porfavooorr 🙁🤧🤧 ya que no Tooodoooss BIGHIT SOMO KOREANOS 😑😐
boywithluv 개월 전
the way i come back to this video to check if english subs are available 🤚🏼
boywithluv 개월 전
Isabel Parada
Isabel Parada 개월 전
Ay Dios mio estoy mirando este video por quinta vez
Priscilla Selma Koromath
Priscilla Selma Koromath 개월 전
I need subtitel 😭😭😭
Solongo Amonjol
Solongo Amonjol 개월 전
please do english subtitles pleaseeee🙏🙏🙏🙏
UL YJ 개월 전
Anyeongaseo yorobun 🦊❤
Mauliddhina Syalsabila
Mauliddhina Syalsabila 개월 전
No subtitle:) i can't understand what they say
AsmA A
AsmA A 개월 전
Idk my biggest enemy will be subtitle
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