[T:TIME] TXT(투모로우바이투게더) ‘세계가 불타버린 밤, 우린...(Can't You See Me?)' stage @MV Shooting - HUENINGKAI(휴닝카이)

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5 개월 전


iloved kpopsongs
iloved kpopsongs 5 일 전
The way his hair dancing with himm
Jean Nedia
Jean Nedia 2 개월 전
Pls support and vote for TXT. Just go to Radio Disney page in Facebook and leave a message there. (Example: TXT- can’t you see me) That’s the nominated song of the group. Pls encourage other co MOAS. It’ll end on September 4
Shiko Ella
Shiko Ella 2 개월 전
Huening's the best 😍🔥
ricoa 3 개월 전
he isn’t the best dancer in the group but most definitely has potential. He has great facials and also his neck is 1 powerful thing. I as a dancer can’t rotate my neck that fast especially when he does it at the “who’s a liar” part 🙂 Also I expected the transitions to b at the second verse when they’re all in 1 line bc the other 2 vids I watched was like that haha but then it surprised me 😭
SweetMultistan 3 개월 전
How fluffy is Hyuka’s hair?!
R 05
R 05 4 개월 전
Omg kai so beautiful
白鳥 4 개월 전
No one: Literally no one: The camera man: *trying don’t make noises*
Riko Alien
Riko Alien 4 개월 전
1:55 why I like this part😭😭hueningkai!
Rina Magar
Rina Magar 4 개월 전
craZy fOr mYseLf
craZy fOr mYseLf 4 개월 전
He is wow 😎😎
Ayulita Siahaan
Ayulita Siahaan 4 개월 전
Bia-Chan 4 개월 전
Gente, esse garoto merece o mundo, realmente pqp, talentoso DEMAIS!!! 😔💖💖
Mas Gumik
Mas Gumik 4 개월 전
My pure baby
The change outfit....
ojum kadu
ojum kadu 4 개월 전
Ugh! Too good looking u are😤💖💖💖💖💖 plus it comes with so much morr talents😤😤💖💖💖💖👩‍🎤
Alexandra Victoria Izquierdo Rimari
Alexandra Victoria Izquierdo Rimari 5 개월 전
Susana Aparicio
Susana Aparicio 5 개월 전
Just WOW!
ᄉ.ᄉ 5 개월 전
kai is very good at glitching
La novia Del hong seok :3
La novia Del hong seok :3 5 개월 전
Que lendooos desde un inicio empezaron todos tímidos y ya tienen más de 3m de suscriptores,los felicito aunque obviamente no lo lean :Vy ni entiendan :-/,les deseo lo mejor hasta el final ;)
natalia 5 개월 전
2:08 me: *jungshook*
ウラノス 5 개월 전
I can't breath... please help me!!!!!!!! he isn't human!!! he is too perfect!! what's happened !! death
Sterre Uineken
Sterre Uineken 5 개월 전
this is the ultimate hueningkai fancam
Lady C
Lady C 5 개월 전
Espero no se olviden subir fancam de PUMA también. 👏
Nataly Juarez
Nataly Juarez 5 개월 전
Kai’s thicc
wendy sotillo
wendy sotillo 5 개월 전
Bellos todos
Mayoi Ro
Mayoi Ro 5 개월 전
aaaah this song is sooo gooood
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 5 개월 전
Z'êtes trop mim's ° 👄 °
steal chans laptop
steal chans laptop 5 개월 전
BigHit just gave us fancams! Thank you Bighit!
Minghaos giggles
Minghaos giggles 5 개월 전
Bh tf is this quality lmao
LaChiMo LaLA
LaChiMo LaLA 5 개월 전
Maknae’s got them thicc thighs 😍
degree I'm
degree I'm 5 개월 전
헐 이거 뮤비촬영현장 직캠인거????? 오죴어
Jina kim
Jina kim 5 개월 전
there is Hueninkai I love it
Desmin 95
Desmin 95 5 개월 전
Isrowiyah Fauzan7c
Isrowiyah Fauzan7c 5 개월 전
Keuwuan seorang ningning
곰아기 5 개월 전
it must be hard to dance there but they all did well
51_Helsa Sari Bintang
51_Helsa Sari Bintang 5 개월 전
Only hueningkai's part that different from other members. I mean part clothe changes
Valeria E.
Valeria E. 5 개월 전
Odes Odessey
Odes Odessey 5 개월 전
I’m so proud of him. I love you NingNing.
Beatriz Bia
Beatriz Bia 5 개월 전
2:08 WOW 😮💜
Nadia Meigetsu
Nadia Meigetsu 5 개월 전
Love u!
Mari 5 개월 전
The second outfit makes hyuka look so grown up😲
doria li
doria li 5 개월 전
kai dance really well
kinderpeewee1 5 개월 전
Tache al coreógrafo, como en el pasto, se mancharon la ropa
Angely Corrales Zamudio
Angely Corrales Zamudio 5 개월 전
Hermoso por eso es mi bias es super encantador y su talento asombra 💜💙💙💜💜♥💜💙💜♥💙💜💙
Young Forever727
Young Forever727 5 개월 전
So does this mean we’re getting a performance music video?🤔
Sam K
Sam K 5 개월 전
I’m telling y’all, Bighit really hit a jackpot with Huening Kai. Everyone will realize that in the future, but for now his talent and potential is endless.
Isadora Nascimento
Isadora Nascimento 개월 전
couldnt agree more
Tiên Trần
Tiên Trần 5 개월 전
You cannot find any idol like him. He is unique
Virginia 5 개월 전
I hope huening kai style like the black one and next txt be more sexy or dark vibes (mature)
BaeCute 04
BaeCute 04 5 개월 전
Can he dance on my face please
nutelli2go 5 개월 전
Am I the only one who can't wait to see kai grown up? Like he's already super handsome
Sunshyne3640 5 개월 전
No, you're not alone, I am excited to see his continued development to becoming an adult. He is awfully good looking and super talented.
Annabila _U
Annabila _U 5 개월 전
귀여운 헝 카이 XD
Almira Kenzhegulova
Almira Kenzhegulova 5 개월 전
Ioana ii
Ioana ii 5 개월 전
MoaXiv 43
MoaXiv 43 5 개월 전
Ningnings legs are goals 😍 He looks so hot I love how he knows how to play hot even if he the cutest member alive
Dianne Lara
Dianne Lara 5 개월 전
Alex maxton
Alex maxton 5 개월 전
I'm shocked
Jeonghans Dad laugh
Jeonghans Dad laugh 5 개월 전
Why does beomgyu’s chest look so comfortable thoo 0:16
Hue Kai
Hue Kai 5 개월 전
My​ boy​ is​ growingggg💕💕💕🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧
Hue Kai
Hue Kai 5 개월 전
Omg​ggg that​ body​ roll​ tho.. Im....
ARIS M 5 개월 전
Shh!! More
Hosoek's Smile
Hosoek's Smile 5 개월 전
IDC what anyone says Kai is THhhhiiiiIcccCkkkkK
Aᴠʀɪʟ Aʟғᴀʀᴏ
Aᴠʀɪʟ Aʟғᴀʀᴏ 5 개월 전
Lo amo ❤
paola garza
paola garza 5 개월 전
literal la cámara sigue a hueningkai
마크watermelowns 5 개월 전
i wae not ready about that thumbnail i-
Star Gazing
Star Gazing 5 개월 전
My prince eric😍😍😍😍
soobin's bread
soobin's bread 5 개월 전
hueningkai stans how are we feeling-
Isla Carter
Isla Carter 5 개월 전
Feeling quite dead, thanks for asking
soobin's bread
soobin's bread 5 개월 전
Sunshyne3640 hueningkai is babie 🥺🥺
soobin's bread
soobin's bread 5 개월 전
Star Gazing same like HELP-
Sunshyne3640 5 개월 전
Love and Happiness...❤
Star Gazing
Star Gazing 5 개월 전
Umm cant breathe?!😂😂😂😂❤❤❤🐧
Dana Nicole
Dana Nicole 5 개월 전
arri 5 개월 전
I feel so proud im crying
Clarize 5 개월 전
No but I really can't stop talking about his hair bouncing along with their dance 😭🥺
katherine N
katherine N 5 개월 전
2:08 you can't be doing this to people I nearly choked
Fetching 5 개월 전
Lulu Reyes
Lulu Reyes 5 개월 전
i love you 나는 당신을 모두 사랑합니다
lara aylin
lara aylin 5 개월 전
Guys PLEASE PLEASE help Vote TXT - (Can't You See Me?) in MWAVE @t They’re losing rn If the lose, they cant win MCD next week PLEASE THEY DESERVE IT :(
x_soobin-ssi.x 5 개월 전
Mi novio baila tan bien
Mayra Alejandra Avalos Melo
Mayra Alejandra Avalos Melo 5 개월 전
He is so talented. My dear skinny legend.
Good Boy
Good Boy 5 개월 전
Choi SooBin Choi YeonJun Choi BeomGyu Kang TaeHyun Kai Kamal Huening TXT fighting ✊ I watch your guys Performance on MUCIK BANK and I really proud of you guys keep strong and don't give up I'll watching u everywhere u are and congratulations to your new album once again guys I wish all the best for you. amen stay strong and stay safe I luv U guys so much ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Ingrid Neira
Ingrid Neira 5 개월 전
Rohan Kyle
Rohan Kyle 5 개월 전
Good Boy
Good Boy 5 개월 전
MOA keep our pretty boy be a good boy on the earth. I luv U guys ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Good Boy
Good Boy 5 개월 전
Heuningkai fighting ✊ luv u bro
Ei Yara
Ei Yara 5 개월 전
I love txt 😘🥰😍💘
Lady C
Lady C 5 개월 전
Mí Huening Kai bebé es demasiado talentoso, las expresion al bailar, los movimientos perfectos con sentimiento y ni hablar de su personalidad es única, siempre me hace feliz verlo. Definitivamente HUENING KAI TALENTED.
Baby Stay dijo el chanie
Baby Stay dijo el chanie 5 개월 전
Kai cuanto has crecido :'v ahora estas tan maduro ay
pie vice
pie vice 5 개월 전
The outfit change💕 Kai's Dancing💕 Kai's Facial Expressions💕
Book Lover12
Book Lover12 5 개월 전
Yeonjun: blond hair, Soobin: purple hair, Beomgyu: black hair, Taehyun: red hair, HueningKai: black hair, light colored long sleeve shirt at beginning. This video is focused on HueningKai. There are also videos like this for the other 4 members. All 5 of them look so good and the dancing is totally on point.
Weirdo Jjane
Weirdo Jjane 5 개월 전
Please let’s vote for them at MWAVE
Margarita Allá Ccahuana
Margarita Allá Ccahuana 5 개월 전
A M 5 개월 전
I’m so, so proud of him
True Rival
True Rival 5 개월 전
1:38 Anybody else feel like you've been caught staring?
Isla Carter
Isla Carter 5 개월 전
Ximena Domínguez
Ximena Domínguez 5 개월 전
Hueningkai ✨😍
Paoline Jakobs
Paoline Jakobs 5 개월 전
Nobody : Txt: making quarantine better Mao: screaming
라나나 5 개월 전
Him being ranked #5 on best main vocalist by Korean netizen, and im not shocked if he being ranked in best dancer sooner ❤
Sunshyne3640 5 개월 전
Hiu Choi
Hiu Choi 5 개월 전
Наш самый лучший макнэ. *Нуна очень гордится этим малышом, приказ всем любить его*.
Perla Dueñas
Perla Dueñas 5 개월 전
Moa apoyemos a txt ellos dan lo mejor x moa😘😘😘 las quiero
Tronoan Haynes
Tronoan Haynes 5 개월 전
bagtan seoyodan park
bagtan seoyodan park 5 개월 전
Josenilde Dos Santos
Josenilde Dos Santos 5 개월 전
my cats
BG: Weang!
BG: Weang! 5 개월 전
Kai I love you
Rodi Rodi
Rodi Rodi 5 개월 전
vic gheras
vic gheras 5 개월 전
such a beautiful face, so rare
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