[T:TIME] ’The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY’ Concept Trailer reaction - TXT (투모로우바이투게더)

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15bunnies Scene
15bunnies Scene 3 일 전
TALENT is spelled as T-X-T
Tashi Tsomu
Tashi Tsomu 8 일 전
3:36 do they really don't know their own concept or is it an act ???
N Putriii
N Putriii 9 일 전
When i watch this again.. My brain still thinking "SaND HaNitizEr" Yaaa beomgyu yaaaaa.... 🤣🤣
Refeat after me
Refeat after me 18 일 전
What is this. Why are my eyes sweating
Denise Presilla
Denise Presilla 25 일 전
Yna 26 일 전
no one: literally no one: txt: shook when they saw the cat's eyes
syifa salsabila
syifa salsabila 개월 전
The Queen of Happiness
The Queen of Happiness 개월 전
"The fans are going to cry" YOU BET, WE CRIED OUR EYES OUT
rsd production
rsd production 개월 전
Best Actor of The Dream Chapter: Eternity goes to Choi Soobin Wuuhuuuuu Congratulations, thank you for everything you have done, such a great act, good job Wuhuuuuuu *applause aggressively
rsd production
rsd production 개월 전
Soobin : "I'm being isolated more and more" And, MOA always be with you, of course, Moments of Alwaysness REMEMBER IT
Jonny Setzler
Jonny Setzler 개월 전
I wonder if the members have that small table in their dorm, that'd be hilarious to just see on the background of a T:Time or something in a few years 😂
Marion Film
Marion Film 개월 전
5:25 watching this again, coz im still wondering what bighit didn't include on the concept trailer, maybe for the next chapter, they're gonna use it? TXTober guys! Lezgooo!
alexe 개월 전
I knew TXT before their debut, but I started to follow them after seeing that. I always cry when I see this concept trailer, Soobin's acting is so good and drama too, I always can feel the Same sadness as the first view...this video is just so special to me.
곽윤정 개월 전
당신은 이 많은 영어 중에서 한국어 를 찾으셨 습니다. 축하 합니다!
하율이HaYul 개월 전
해석해보니 처음 모스부호는 SAVE ME 이구 책상 커질때는 SOS 이네요ㅠ
MOARMY cLoWnS cUz txt and bts the whole circus
MOARMY cLoWnS cUz txt and bts the whole circus 2 개월 전
I’m going to cry because of Yeonjun 😔😭
MoonChild Fan
MoonChild Fan 2 개월 전
Oh no!...So if the song that was playing in the beginning was Drama...In the Actual Drama MV ..Beomgyu is the one who is being isolated ....what's happening ?
ParkChimChimstolemyheart 2 개월 전
I'm still not over the fact that Drama slowed down is so sad
H24 Reethika S
H24 Reethika S 2 개월 전
2:14 that's the cutest moment when yeonjun apologizes to soobin...😭😭
innie 2 개월 전
the thing I always thought, what if he is really feeling that way.
Analy Duran
Analy Duran 2 개월 전
the morse code says, save me
Nandin Ankhbayar
Nandin Ankhbayar 2 개월 전
I cried not only because it was sad, but mainly because I could relate so well. I don’t know why I watch this video over an over again cuz it’s making me cry but it kinda connects with me. I lost my bestfriend cuz she was made me feel ignored whenever we’re with other friends. Just like in the video.
panic.at.the.everywhere0 2 개월 전
Them: OH MY GOD IS THAT A CAT?!?! Theorists (like myself): I can’t tell if they’re messing with us, they really don’t know that there’s been a cat in every single +U video, or if the cat is just there to clown us
Amber Kao
Amber Kao 2 개월 전
At the end he says “save me” like in the can’t u see me mv but they can’t hear 😂❤️😊
郑号锡是我对象 3 개월 전
빅히트야 왜 울 수빈이 왕따를 시키냐!!!!????????
tr sleeper
tr sleeper 3 개월 전
TXT: MOA will like it. MOA: Nooooo it's so saaaadd ı can't 😭😭
peace_ 44
peace_ 44 3 개월 전
They just spoiled the comeback without us noticing it >< soobin literally said "can't you see me"... And all the members just keep on with the poker face hhahha
Victoria Silva
Victoria Silva 3 개월 전
Love Beomgyu.
Nisrina Zulkefli
Nisrina Zulkefli 3 개월 전
Indira Astawa
Indira Astawa 3 개월 전
Did Hyuka just wipe his tears at 02:10? We rarely see him crying, he's really smooth 😂
CWJLTMA superior
CWJLTMA superior 3 개월 전
He didn't cry,he just touched his nose or something you can see it
SweetMultistan 3 개월 전
They said they shot more stuff after that? What?! We need to see that!
Olivia Parker
Olivia Parker 3 개월 전
I just came after watching the concept tailer... but l have to watch that again.. there are lot of things l missed..😂
08 Ashxx
08 Ashxx 3 개월 전
*Me too..*
Kim Taegukk
Kim Taegukk 3 개월 전
This proves how close they are, this is an act but they still feel emotional & keep saying sorry to soobin, even though its acting. 😭
Awo Ibraahim
Awo Ibraahim 3 개월 전
I hope soobin became an actor he will be great actor
• ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ •
• ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ • 3 개월 전
the way yeonjun said ' i'm sorry ' 😭
Neni Sri
Neni Sri 3 개월 전
Samyam Samba
Samyam Samba 3 개월 전
3:35 if they are so shocked at that, imagine what'll happen when they read their TU theories by moas.🤣
Samyam Samba
Samyam Samba 3 개월 전
Damn, Taehyun paid attention to the morse code, i didn't even realized it was there until i watched a TU theory
Han Seungwoo
Han Seungwoo 3 개월 전
Can we all talk for a minute 'bout Soobin's slippers?
Minminness X
Minminness X 3 개월 전
Its funny how they don’t know their own mvs morse code lol 🤣🤣
Yael 3 개월 전
Yeonbin moment at it’s peak at 2:12
Yael 3 개월 전
Yeonjun: I’m sorryyyyyyyyyy Taehyun: oh no, it’s making me feel badddd Soobin: laughing and cringing at himself throughout the vid Me: i--
ICE97 _98
ICE97 _98 3 개월 전
I wanna see their reaction to eternally so bad
fawnie 4 개월 전
rewatching this makes me wonder how they reacted to eternally mv
김혜숙 4 개월 전
투모로우바이투게더 응원해요^^ 웃음 가득요😁
Joya Lewis
Joya Lewis 4 개월 전
whoa just watched the concept trailer by itself and i never noticed the cat eyes 😧😧
Rhagelyn Manalili
Rhagelyn Manalili 4 개월 전
Cant wait to see your reaction to eternally mv.
𝗗𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗺𝘀. 4 개월 전
Waiting for them to react to the Eternally mv :D
secrettae- 95
secrettae- 95 4 개월 전
Txt : let's wear a nice shoe and not tell soobin
Annisa Fairuz
Annisa Fairuz 4 개월 전
soobin and pink slippers rlly fit well :)
I think Hedgehog
I think Hedgehog 4 개월 전
1:55 2:09 and 4:42 AWW
sheza zahra
sheza zahra 4 개월 전
Subtitles byyyy Yeonjunieeeee
FelixSunshine 4 개월 전
English subtitles. Yessss
Annie Belle
Annie Belle 4 개월 전
5:24 yes taehyun, i still wonder why they cut the part where soobin became tiny and the member left soobin alone
lvdia h
lvdia h 4 개월 전
Them feeling genuine sadness over this trailer still gets me
Nisrina Zulkefli
Nisrina Zulkefli 4 개월 전
I was actually crying when they all feel sorry to soobin😭 why they so cuteeeee😭😭
Pepapopo 4 개월 전
Hueningkai in yellow 🥺
Liliarmy.jimin 4 개월 전
I got tears yes
Dani Jaya Putra
Dani Jaya Putra 4 개월 전
Ahhh, that is not cateyes, that PUMA's 😂😂😂
Alexandra Victoria Izquierdo Rimari
Alexandra Victoria Izquierdo Rimari 5 개월 전
jolnoon 5 개월 전
let me hold soobin im shedding real mf tears
angelina tran
angelina tran 5 개월 전
txt laughing and also saying it's sad and stuff* me sobbing my eyes out even high i already watched it many times and cried-
angelic turner
angelic turner 5 개월 전
Yes Am. Proud Moa ❣️💔👀😭💙💛
angelic turner
angelic turner 5 개월 전
3:37 he said it’s a cat behind us nap of star the big cat the yeonjun saw in the music video
angelic turner
angelic turner 5 개월 전
Now am gonna watch them react to it with subtitles lol 😂
angelic turner
angelic turner 5 개월 전
6:49 taehyun are you okay lol 😂
angelic turner
angelic turner 5 개월 전
5:06 loo yeonjuns reaction towards the End lol 😂
angelic turner
angelic turner 5 개월 전
3;35 I told you I bet heuningkai said those look like cat eyes 👀😂😍
angelic turner
angelic turner 5 개월 전
Bro am crying lol 😂 🥺😂❤️ soobin
angelic turner
angelic turner 5 개월 전
Yay 😁
Is Kandar
Is Kandar 5 개월 전
I like txt and bts, you friend with bts txt yes or no,???
militante //kell
militante //kell 5 개월 전
Onde estou?
micaeluh 5 개월 전
Amanina Aleesya
Amanina Aleesya 5 개월 전
So the song in the trailer is actually the song drama in their album but in a sad version?
maybe 5 개월 전
Cuties omg
밤밤 5 개월 전
초반에 나오는 노래 드라마랑 비슷한데??
Kai_ Kun
Kai_ Kun 5 개월 전
That voice at the last part was a spoiler of cant you see me music video by txt
Kai_ Kun
Kai_ Kun 5 개월 전
This cat apears on gfriend so basically theyre representing the magic world
Kai_ Kun
Kai_ Kun 5 개월 전
DREAM CHAPTER: CHECK LOVE CHAPTER: XXX HAPPINESS CHAPTER: XXX so basically txt,bts and gfriend is connected based on the magic island
Мария Лаввв
Мария Лаввв 5 개월 전
Это потрясающе!!!!! 🤩😍😍
بنت كيوت kpop bts blackpink twice b.I.g TXT
بنت كيوت kpop bts blackpink twice b.I.g TXT 5 개월 전
رد فعلكم كيوت متلكون
Min Dada
Min Dada 5 개월 전
It really made us cry... this is really sad and relatable....
J MY 5 개월 전
guys, where can i find the concept trailer music on spotify lol. im the weird one. i really like the humming kind of 'song'
txt 4th gen leaders
txt 4th gen leaders 5 개월 전
If they perform Drama in that kind of version, i would die
Helen Cristine
Helen Cristine 5 개월 전
they being surprised by the cat lmao do they even know what their story is about? Imagine if they don't know anything like us it would be so funny
Lovely Jane B. Labiano
Lovely Jane B. Labiano 5 개월 전
Finally there is subtitle
riseofbangtan _
riseofbangtan _ 5 개월 전
beomgyu: it’s mr sihyuk, mr pd-nim made you sad. armys and moas: YES! IT’S ALL BANG PD’S FAULT!
Idara Abang
Idara Abang 5 개월 전
who else didn't notice the cat until they watched this video me, i am who else
Bored 5 개월 전
I really want to cry but I have a cold (don't worry not corona just a runny nose) and if I start crying I'll literally stop breathing. So I guess no crying today.
Jimena Pacheco
Jimena Pacheco 5 개월 전
TXT saying that Soobin's acting was good and made them feel emotional while I was crying and screaming at my screen not understanding anything :'D
neoseoul 5 개월 전
that one soobin and yeonjun moment when yeonjun kept saying sorry 🥺
im good girl
im good girl 5 개월 전
how melancholic 'Drama' can be i just realize rn. Okay that's BigHit. Its not a big deal tho
Kawaii Potatoe
Kawaii Potatoe 5 개월 전
Yeonjun made a jacket for HueningKai using his blonde hair.
Jimin Park
Jimin Park 5 개월 전
Когда Хюним Кай, заметил глаза я тоже заметила их.... это здорова меня напугала .....
Bangtan Sonyeondan
Bangtan Sonyeondan 5 개월 전
I am really crying.....so relatable!!
Minnie 5 개월 전
Hey I just realized something if nobody noticed before the morose code has been in every video since there debut. Although I’m pretty sure people already new that. If anyone is willing to and is able to can you please dicier the morose code and then reply to me here, thank you
체리머리돌ᆞ 5 개월 전
Gulfam Chatha
Gulfam Chatha 5 개월 전
Yeonjun is such a warm hearted baby that he kept saying like "I'm sorry" and "don't cry" to soobin when it was actually just a trailer that they weren't paying attention toward soobin but even if it was a trailer he felt bad.. he's so precious and kind...actually all of them are..♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡💜💜💜💜❤❤❤❤❤
SeleneKlare Lee
SeleneKlare Lee 5 개월 전
Everyone: *being sad for Soobin Soobin: *cringing while occasionally laughing at himself Also everyone including Soobin: *freaks out with the cat eyes behind them in the video Also Yeonjun: *saying what exactly Soobin was saying in the video
SeleneKlare Lee
SeleneKlare Lee 5 개월 전
Soobin: watch and learn everyone, my acting... Yeonjun: Right, learn what not to do... Lol I'm laughing...
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